I woke up today with the worst crick in my neck. Like I can barely turn past midline on the right. My trap is tight from my head to my scapula and all my posterior neck muscles are all knotted up. I have massaged it, heating-padded it, and Ibuprofened it to no avail.

Halp. Tell…

find it, fold it, hold it. jscs

we were in a patient’s room and the roommate had family there and a mom was like OMG its like in house, Im taking a picture. I was very unsure if this was a hipaa violation but tried to turn away and act focused. But no patient stuff was visible as we had the curtain and the attending was in while the students were out. Then she went on to explain, my son is taking the mcat soon he want to be in medical school too.
 - In my head I said 80% of docs say don’t do it, I’m in the 20%

I also look like one of the ICU docs so many nurses are asking about patients I have no idea about…including, DOC how much dilaudid do u want me to give so and so.


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QuestionI'm a freshie in med school.. Any tips on how to study and revise biochemistry? Answer



1) giant piece of paper
2) write out all pathways
3) repeat steps 1 and 2 until you can do it from memory.

Haha. But pay a lot of attention to intermediates, energy, and where your carbon, oxygen, and hydrogens go!! If you had five carbons before and now have four, you must have had a CO2 released or something!

I used to draw it out once in beautiful colored pen (I saved these and used them to study for Step 1) and then watch as my study partners drew the pathways repeatedly on whiteboards. I would think in my head about what the next step would be and the enzymes/cofactors involved trying to picture what was next before it was written on the board. 

Agree on all counts, find a review book with q’s too

u dont forget what you were doing that day.

7th grade science class is when I first heard the news

Been having a crappy week with consecutive 12-14 hr days getting my ass kicked but today 1 of my patients was in tears thanking me and the intern while rounding for having good bedside manner and keeping him comfortable for the procedure tomorrow.

That’s when I remembered why I went into medicine.

was scrubbed into open hernia repair with the chief of vascular surg yesterday…super nervous the entire time, got pimped on all the usual anatomy but couldnt think due to nervousness and he wanted FAST answers…

he let me TIE the sutures, and I felt my hand shaking the entire time, pulled off the one-hander, but I can’t make this guy happy, he said since there’s 2 strings, do 2-handed. 

I HATE these 6-8, 14 hour days, but its the start to the beginning of a long ride. 

I was scrubbed into a “greys” type of case…started laparoscopic, something was knicked, pt started bleeding at the same time suction and the gas for the laparoscopic case stopped working … it was a combo of “drama” and i was there to watch it unfold but also watch these surgeons save this patient’s life and opened quickly enough to stop the bleeder. 

Also finally scrubbed into a neurosurg case and the surgeon was on a running riot with pimp questions…luckily all neuro related


Get out of here!Source: bleacherreport


Get out of here!

Source: bleacherreport

Only way to end night in the city

One of those college nights drinking my sorrows away from Ohio states loss … Who pays to karaoke frostee the snowman

Someone posted a what’s in your white coat pockets … Well …

IM pocket smartbook, Maxwell, surgery pocket smartbook, driver, scissor, pens, pen light, suture removal, flushes, 4x4’s, tape, mint, stethescope, washinton manual (pocket medicine if on IM)

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