I live by a simple motto, do it with passion and excellence, — or do not do it at all. The knowledge poured out in a medical school classroom is often compared to a fire hose turned on at full blast; however, I would contend this analogy and suggest that it is more similar standing at the base of Niagara Falls. Transitioning from a career in education was overwhelming. To absorb, comprehend and understand the vast amount of information required me to make sacrifices that were unexpected. Friends and family were deleted from my life, and books and lecture slides took over. Without a doubt, I cut out the most important pieces to being ­­a successful student and physician. My passion dwindled, and I questioned my pursuit of medicine. Prior to taking my first finals of medical school, a close family friend died of a tragic car accident in Uganda. My world had been rocked. School had consumed my every being, but this tragedy was a wake up call. The bubble I had created consisting of school, studying, and little more, suddenly burst. Life goes on outside medical school. More then ever, I needed my friends and family for support.  Simply focusing on only studying was not going to sustain me throughout medical school and as a physician. My life was tremendously unbalanced, and it had become unhealthy. Sadly, it took a tragedy to reshape my focus, balance my life, and strengthen my desire to serve.

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I’m wearing this combo during peds next year
But for now it’s for my osce (they did say bring a watch)

thanks for the support osteoblrs/medblrs. I got this at a comicon so I’m unsure if there are specific places that have these.

And the osce went smooth! except for when I got to pulmonary and my patient had massive knockers…i proceeded to shyly say “can you please move “those” so I can listen to your lung? dont think the doc noticed/heard.

I’m wearing this combo during peds next year
But for now it’s for my osce (they did say bring a watch)


I have been trying to osteobate crack this one part of my neck all week

And I finally got it.

Thank goodness, because I freaking needed it to happen.

side bend towards, rotate away








accurate gif is accurate.

The gif is correct.

Blue blue blue always blue


Pink, because then I could focus on the harder ones. If I can heal nonfatal wounds with a touch, maybe the “fatal” ones don’t have to be?

But with great power comes great responsibility…. Aw, frick, blue.

grey all day

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1 more osce and 2 more finals then  … 3 weeks of pseudofreedom

this remains a highlight of med school. i didnt take this but I was sitting in the audience

back to biochem.


Go postal union

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QuestionWhat is it exactly that you do (job wise)? Answer



I am an Osteopathic Medical Student. My job description includes: studying incessantly, occasional naps, and managing bouts of crippling stress.

Perfect summation of every med student ever.

It was this day in 2012 that I ultimately decided to go to med school. I layed down the options on the table. Biochem-PHD programs at UTSW, WASH U, scripps or Baylor or medicine at ____COM or Drexel. This was the day I set myself because I was also on wait list at my home state’s school RWJMS and it was the deadline for accepting offers at grad schools. It was the hardest decision of my life to have to say no to a school and my only regret is not studying harder for a higher MCAT and shooting for the dual degree.

2 years later I’m 1 month away from taking comlex/usmle. I loved research, I loved being in lab, but I knew medicine was where I can make more of a difference and be happier. Today, I enjoy being halfway through to being an osteopathic physician. I get to learn with some of the brightest and most compassionate people in the U.S. I get to learn just how complexities of how our bodies work and piece together reasons it can go wrong.

yes this was a hard decision, but it was the decision that felt the most right. I read an article that 9/10 docs don’t recommend the profession. maybe that’s true and maybe we’re past the golden age, but there comes a point when you love doing something, it no longer feels like work.

enough reminiscing… back to renal path.




I can never stop posting this. The narrow minded bible fanatics that just look at one small thing in the bible then feed the world with their hate over it. At the same time they ignore all the other silly laws made by man they claimed were made by god. These gif’s say it all.


One of the many moments of The West Wing that make it one of my favorite shows ever.

one of the best scenes ever.

And I was able to use one of my favorite lines to argue a point a few weeks ago… “post hoc, ergo propter hoc.”


Hi wayfaringmd, I was wondering if you’ve ever had any run-ins with “gunners” before and had any advice about them?

Of course. Gunners are everywhere. Just remember that their gunning has nothing to do with you and shouldn’t affect you in the slightest. Most…

QuestionWhat position in the medical field are you striving to be? How long did it take for you to decide? I really want to be a surgeon, but don't know what kind yet. I change it a lot! First heart, then brain, then bones, then back to brain.... Answer


Currently (watch, I’m going to change my answer, just watch!) I’m interested in going into Med/Peds. I have always loved medicine and pediatrics kinda stole my heart in an unexpected way. I loved every rotation (sometimes I didn’t have the best time but I pretty much fantasized about myself being a psychiatrist, obgyn, pediatrician, etc. on every rotation) but those two keep sticking to me.

Don’t worry, changing your mind is the norm! Most of us don’t have our hearts set yet, and we’re closing in on the last few weeks of third year! But within the next three months, we’ll all make choices. So you’ve got LOTS of time to decide!

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QuestionI'm a 16 year old girl & haven't gotten ANY shots / physicals since I was in Kindergarden . I attend public school without my vaccinations etc etc etc and my school allows me to attend with no hesitation. It's my body, my rights. I don't have to put any shit in it that I don't want to. And I'm still very healthy to this day. 5"4 118 lbs. Answer


Ok, y’all need to stop because this is getting embarrassing. I’m starting to lose my temper.

So just because in all your 16 years you have never gotten sick doesn’t mean that vaccines aren’t necessary. I’m 25 and I have never been in a car accident- that doesn’t mean that I don’t have to wear a seatbelt or check my mirrors when I change lanes. Your personal experience- and the experience of any one individual unvaccinated person- DOES NOT MEAN ANYTHING. AT ALL. PERIOD. If you weren’t as selfish and clueless as the vibe I’m getting, you’d thank your vaccinated classmates and fellow citizens for your streak of good health. Your height to weight ratio has nothing to do with vaccines or sometimes even if you are healthy, ps.

You don’t wanna put ‘shit’ in your body? Cool. Don’t. But stay the hell away from the doctor’s office or the ER if you or someone in your house comes down with something, because the only way to fix it is to put ‘shit’ in your body to keep you from dying or having chronic life-altering after effects. And obviously the latter isn’t a priority.

Actually… You don’t trust vaccines? Fine! Why stop there! Don’t use inhalers to prevent status asthmaticus, don’t use birth control pills to prevent unwanted pregnancy and help horrific menstrual cramps, don’t use aspirin to help a headache, don’t use chemotherapy to cure cancer, don’t use insulin to keep type 1 diabetics out of fatal comas, don’t use neosporin to keep your skinned knee from getting infected.

Because if you don’t trust the science behind vaccines, why trust the rest of it?

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