see so many wounds, ulcers … but at least i get to scrub in for i&d

got assigned to present median arcuate ligament syndrome … already kicking myself for not knowing what it was



I submitted a writeup to Dr. OBnoxious yesterday, and we went over it today. The first issue was that I made the same “mistake” in my writeup that I had been making in my OCPs (ie. I started with the ID/CC format, “Pt is a (age)(gender) with a…

Yes i saw this today during my presentation during rounds. I was told not to start presentation so and so presents with PMHX of ___ and ___ presents to the ED with ___ … instead just go in order, … i wish everyone was the same and it didn’t matter…its the same info anyway as long as its organized.

Omm on m.d. residents

Top floor view …. Gonna love this place Top floor view …. Gonna love this place

Top floor view …. Gonna love this place

my first NY morning…its COLD! im used to the triple digits bs in the deep south but daymn. Off to the hospital in a few, but found a strategically located dunkin donuts 1 mile away…somebody’s found a reason to jog in the morning :)   … its BEAUTIFUL here. 

Enroute to next rotation in the city

I saw someone who was in ICU the ENTIRE month and some turn the corner and reached the floor, and i mean it was BAD and on multiple occasions almost reached hepatorenal and has to be on dialysis. The twin pt (who is eerily similar) is also turning around after going into DIC 3x. sometimes the best thing to do is watchful waiting but wow. 

Enroute to THE city

Classic Disney Movies

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1. If you could only eat one kind of cookie for the rest of your life what would it be?
 - peanut butter/chocolate chip

2. You are stuck on a deserted island, complete with sharks and a boat destroying laser barrier, and you can only bring one thing. What is it?
 - 500-book loaded kindle

3. You are a super villain, what is your go-to weapon?
 - telekinesis

4. You work at a major pharmaceutical company and invent a new weight loss drug, what overly complicated name do you give it?
 - Lipigone

5. As an undergrad working in a lab, you are bitten by a genetically mutated mouse, what superpower do you get?
 - telekinesis

6. What’s your favorite thing to do on a rainy day off?
 - netflix

7. You’ve been accepted to Hogwarts, what animal do you bring?
 - owl

8. Favorite kind of penguin, and why?
 - emperor .. the name, duh. 

9. Your two favorite X-men have a child, what mutant power does said child have?
 - jean grey and gambit make a child that has aquakinesis

10. We all know Whinny the Pooh characters remind us of psych disorders. A new friend moves to the hundred acre woods, describe him/her so we can all figure out the diagnosis.
 - a girl walks in the woods, finds a cabin, finds 3 bowls of soup…she takes 3 sips from the first one, says hot hot hot, 3 sips from the second one, says cold cold cold, 3 sips from the 3rd one, and says its just right right right…she hates that she does this and can’t stop it

11. All water fountains now dispense an alcoholic beverage, what is it?
 - miami vice

1.) If you can only eat 1 meal for the rest of your life, appetizer, main, desert, what would it be?

2.) if you were a disney prince or princess, who would you be?

3.) if you can pick 1 country to visit for a week, where would it be?

4.) what TV character is most like you?

5.) favorite type of chocolate?

6.) cheesecake factory has x amount of flavors of cheesecakes, what is your favorite?

7.) your favorite animal

8.) your favorite TV show character who’s a male and your favorite movie character who’s a female, what’s the name of the child?

9.) would you rather go to outer space for a week, or travel the length of the great wall of china by foot

10.) your favorite UNESCO world heritage site or the site you really really want to visit

11.) Your latest TV show obsession right now

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I got a full body massage before taking the MCAT and Step 1.

10/10 would recommend.

My undergrad had free massages before finals.

They were awesome

wow. I’ve been reading…

i said the same thing. Except we have our OMT seshes after exams.

nothing like beating the IM pgy2’s, pgy3’s, and FM residents at pub trivia

wellp, the odd attending is back but she rounds fast. Downside is her laidbackness trickles down to the residents and they let us out early. So the good thing is im done, the bad thing is I dont’ learn as much as if we had the other 2 cool attendings. 

Gunner tip of the day: Reynolds pentad
 - sign of ascending cholangitis
jaundice + fever + RUQ pain + shock + AMS

im getting a bit of a reputation here among the residents/attendings. My senior “stumped” me on something while seeing a patient and tells the attending “I found Ben’s achilles heel, it’s cardio”

- for the record i was ‘stumped” because he showed me the stemi pt’s ECG and EMS report and asked what’s wrong?
I was frazzled a bit but then he said look at the ecg what do you see? —> posterior/inferior changes
This is the ems report, what did they do? —> MONA (morphine, o2, nitro, aspirin) thearpy
So what’s wrong?

-i was frazzled again then it hit me, i remembered in acls that you don’t give nitro when you suspect right ventricular infarct.

In response to the other residents chastising the pgy3 in my team for “making students come in on a Saturday”
- first…we volunteered to come in
- 2nd, take this as advice, u meet that one resident who is one of a kind intelligent and passionate about medicine enough to teach students … U spend as much time with the resident to learn as much as u can and become a better doctor. Period.
Fuck off if ur miserable

the holy crap moment when you are reading a textbook and the authors of the chapter are your research PI and lab manager