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This makes me so insanely happy I can barely breathe.

100% one of the things you have to do before you die




"They believe in magic, they play pretend. There is fairy dust in their IV bags… They believe. In peds, we have miracles and magic. In peds, anything is possible.”

Reason #54898 I want to go into pediatrics.

Also, Arizona Robbins may be my new favorite character on Grey’s.

(I’m only on season 6, that’s why I say new)

reblogging for some mid-peds clerkship study motivation.

One of the many reasons I love peds. 

she became a favorite character when they showed that she uses heelys … if thats even remotely allowed im trying that. 




"And what do we say to death?"

"Not today."

"The fuck out my face"

"Do you even lift"

Cluster A



schizoid (any jedi knight)?




Cluster B

Borderline: image





Cluster C

OCPD: image

Avoidant image









So here’s how the map looks now.

And I’m done tracking secondaries.

Acceptances (2): WVSOM, KCOM

Interview invites (6): WVSOM, KCOM, Nova, PNWU, TouroNY, ATSU-SOMA

Withdrew: WVSOM, PNWU, TouroNY, TouroNV

Rejected (5): KCUMB (pre-secondary screen), Western-Pomona, DMU, CCOM, Marian. (LECOM-B is probably going to get added but I won’t make it official until I get a letter in hand.)

Got my TouroNV secondary, but at this point there’s no use paying to send it back. I did like Henderson as a town, though. And ignoring the Vegas strip, LV is a great eating town. There are a bunch of late night Asian eateries down Spring Mountain Road. I’m pretty sure such a thing doesn’t exist in Missouri.

Not sure if I’m attending SOMA or not. Now that I’m accepted at KCOM I’m 95% sure I’m paying for any other interviews out of pocket so I have to be damn sure I’m interested in the school.

Yoooo current med school applicants, I know a lot of you are logging your numeric totals but here’s how I visually organized my app cycle.

I pinned it above my desk behind the computer and used color-coded pins. Helped keep me organized and actually gave me a lot of inspiration to look up at that map whenever I was grinding applications.

Good luck with your SOMA interview! I interviewed there in April and got accepted, so feel free to message me if you have any questions :)

Also I’m currently attending ATSU SOMA if you want any info :)

ayyy one of you already got a message about this, but that post was from the 2012-13 cycle. I ended up not going to any of my pending interviews because of money. I just reblogged that post because I wanted to share an idea for visually organizing the process with current applicants. sorry about the mix-up!

although now that medschoolmanic and miss-metrodora mention it… how do you guys like the PHX area? I’m seriously considering it for my core rotations.

COME TO PHOENIX… Infinitely better than the midwest here. We just have heat… 

my school has a red pin. #sadface


Gladiator soundtrack | Gladiator theme | Now we are free | Indigo Choir (HQ Live)

Exam is done! If the answer keys aren’t completely screwed up, I should pass the classes! (Well, the osce score hasn’t come back yet.. meh)

I am finally…FINALLY.. free. for a week.. then two weeks preceptorship… then a week free, then school

thank you for posting this


that means a zombie if you’re not a walking dead fan. last night on night float tonight and i get one day off before working the weekend. yes.

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Which Pokemon Would You Choose?

wat the

**yes i got to that doctor who episode

yea I play xbox while studying…videos like this (good for personality disorders) and Paul Bolin’s step 2 videos 

besides, i cant do uworld all day



I saw this on facebook and I was so done….

I literally couldn’t not reblog this

i can’t even

brotherly quarrels need to be more like this. 

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No lies or exaggerations, but I found preclinical years to be miserable. It just constantly felt like an academic beat down. Any excitement and enthusiasm I had was stomped out of me with the endless parade of flaming hoops to jump through. So far third year has been so completely different. Don’t…

I know exactly how you feel. 3rd year life is great