and last day of anything pre-clinical

omm final in the am

phone interview with that neurosurgeon in the pm…i really want this research elective. plus itll be in manhattan (nypres).

fingers crossed.

so my omm prof will be doing a comlex review in a few weeks and I will be posting those notes on my If any of you 2nd year osteoblrs have something similar, I’d like to compile them for future classes.


1) Be honest
2) Don’t be a dick
3) Know when to ask for help

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QuestionIs it that important to shadow Doctors? Just wondering because I plan on going into medicine but from what I hear from some people around me, it's not that important? Answer



Depends on what you define as important. Do AdComs require shadowing? No. Do they like to see it? Yes.

The other question is do YOU consider shadowing important? How can you be sure you want to be a doctor if you haven’t followed one around to see what we do in real life? Could shadowing help you confirm your decision? Could it direct you toward a more specific field of interest? I would think most folks could answer yes to that. So that is why shadowing is important.

Big lesson here: don’t let admission committees direct your actions. Pick your major, extracurriculars, shadowing, etc based on your interests. Do what will benefit you and further your learning. If you do that, you’ll probably impress an AdCom or two along the way.

While I agree with Wayfaring’s point about not letting AdComs strictly dictate your extracurriculars (do what you enjoy and stick with it), there is an expectation that serious applicants will have shadowed and shadowed in a dedicated capacity (i.e. you didn’t just shadow one doctor once and that’s the only shadowing experience you have). ALL of my interviewers (so that’s 8 AdComs) asked me questions related to my shadowing experiences. They use it as a way to gauge your understanding of the medical field and commitment to medicine. Is this fair? Probably not given that applicants with parents in medical fields have a huge advantage here. Also students who don’t have to work a job while going to school have much more free time to shadow. Can it be overcome? Absolutely. Make sure to include the initiative you took to find the people you shadow and incorporate that into your narrative for the admissions committees. Several of my interviewers were impressed by that b/c I come from a family with 0 medical personnel. You can find shadowing opportunities through university mentorship programs, SMDEP (for pre-dental students too!) and through the tried-and-true but dreaded networking and cold calls.

Also in my experience, if you find the right doc to shadow, you’ll probably enjoy it enough to keep consistently shadowing. Often times shadowing provides those reaffirming moments premeds need during the toughest stages of their career paths.

Also make sure to get a variety of docs. It’s fine to shadow only private practice docs but I found it most beneficial to shadow at a university setting so you can see the team aspect of inpatient care and to talk to both residents and medical students since likely they will be part of a doctor’s service. Shadowing is not a requirement but it helps you experience the profession and potentially obtain a letter.


John Snow, Father of Epidemiology, Protector of the Realm

we had an epidemiology course last year, i was thinking the exact same thing.


John Snow, Father of Epidemiology, Protector of the Realm

we had an epidemiology course last year, i was thinking the exact same thing.

i have a comprehensive final tomorrow.

everyone is lame and postponing watching game of thrones till tomorrow night.(i was against it, wat can u really study in the 11th hour)

have to avoid tumblr, my source of spoilers

in the meantime, went ahead and watched once upon a time.


I live by a simple motto, do it with passion and excellence, — or do not do it at all. The knowledge poured out in a medical school classroom is often compared to a fire hose turned on at full blast; however, I would contend this analogy and suggest that it is more similar standing at the base of Niagara Falls. Transitioning from a career in education was overwhelming. To absorb, comprehend and understand the vast amount of information required me to make sacrifices that were unexpected. Friends and family were deleted from my life, and books and lecture slides took over. Without a doubt, I cut out the most important pieces to being ­­a successful student and physician. My passion dwindled, and I questioned my pursuit of medicine. Prior to taking my first finals of medical school, a close family friend died of a tragic car accident in Uganda. My world had been rocked. School had consumed my every being, but this tragedy was a wake up call. The bubble I had created consisting of school, studying, and little more, suddenly burst. Life goes on outside medical school. More then ever, I needed my friends and family for support.  Simply focusing on only studying was not going to sustain me throughout medical school and as a physician. My life was tremendously unbalanced, and it had become unhealthy. Sadly, it took a tragedy to reshape my focus, balance my life, and strengthen my desire to serve.

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I’m wearing this combo during peds next year
But for now it’s for my osce (they did say bring a watch)

thanks for the support osteoblrs/medblrs. I got this at a comicon so I’m unsure if there are specific places that have these.

And the osce went smooth! except for when I got to pulmonary and my patient had massive knockers…i proceeded to shyly say “can you please move “those” so I can listen to your lung? dont think the doc noticed/heard.

I’m wearing this combo during peds next year
But for now it’s for my osce (they did say bring a watch)


I have been trying to osteobate crack this one part of my neck all week

And I finally got it.

Thank goodness, because I freaking needed it to happen.

side bend towards, rotate away








accurate gif is accurate.

The gif is correct.

Blue blue blue always blue


Pink, because then I could focus on the harder ones. If I can heal nonfatal wounds with a touch, maybe the “fatal” ones don’t have to be?

But with great power comes great responsibility…. Aw, frick, blue.

grey all day

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1 more osce and 2 more finals then  … 3 weeks of pseudofreedom

this remains a highlight of med school. i didnt take this but I was sitting in the audience

back to biochem.


Go postal union